Meet our world class instructors in New York, Professor Nobuyoshi Higashi and Shintaro Higashi! They will lead you through the path to the black belt!

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Class Schedule

We have classes everyday except on Sunday. Please check our schedule and plan your visit now!

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Events Calendar

Our event calendar well represents our community: it's full of fun! Please check out our events calendar, and join us for fun-packed events!

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Visit Us

Made up your mind to visit us? We are located in the upper west side of Manhattan in NYC! If you need directions, you can click the button below. The door is always wide open, so come on by!

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Classes Authentic and Effective

With world class martial arts NYC instruction by the Higashi family, the Kokushi Budo Institute in NYC offers you authentic, traditional martial arts NYC instruction with modern day practical applications. We provide martial arts as a tool for enhancing your quality of life by improving physical fitness, developing a healthy mind and acquiring a time-tested skill set.

Students Diverse and Friendly

Students who train jiu jitsu, judo, aikido, and karate at KBI NYC come from all walks of life: school teachers, lawyers, babysitters, food critics, doctors, musicians, and many more. Many achieve black belts in their respective arts, and we have produced both Olympians and National champions in Judo.

History Deep and Rich

KBI was originally established in 1965, as a branch of Kokushikan University during an initiative program to globalize Judo in accordance with Jigoro Kano’s vision.

Vision Committed and Clear

KBI is committed to serve the community by providing a martial arts NYC education system in a safe and clean environment. Through practice at the Kokushi Budo Institute, one learns skill, knowledge and self-discipline while enjoying themselves. This develops a harmonious relationship between the physical and mental being, thus contributing to an individual’s successful participation in society and his or her general education.